Sep 24, 2016

EFI conducted a one-day training seminar entitled “Basic Vegetation Fire Management” for the Fire Service of Appenweier.

Sep 8, 2016

Wildfire Week in Barcelona, Spain, between the 31st January and the 3th February 2017

Apr 4, 2016

German news article

Mar 4, 2016

organised by INRA, Arcachon, France, 27-30 October 2015

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Wildfire experts met in Barcelona to discuss added value of a European Forest Risk Facility

May 11, 2014

FRISK-GO thematic workshop on Wildfires

From the 7th to 9th of May a first workshop of the EFI coordinated start-up project for a European Forest Risk Facility took place in Barcelona at L´Hospitalet.

The project targets to identify needs, gaps and key tasks around the disturbances, windstorms, wildfires, biotic agents, drought and wildlife and what role a facility could play within the broad range of actors both within and across disturbances. This first event addressed the disturbance wildfires and was the first of a set of further workshops to be held during this summer on various forest disturbances.

A dynamic and active wildfire community with representatives from Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom came together to address the role of fire in forest and landscape management. Especially the needs were discussed on how to reduce the impacts of disturbances by absorbing forest risk into forest- and land management. Such reduction would allow for more resilient forest landscapes, enhancing their adaptive capacity, deviating expenses for fire fighting to mitigation through management. This was seen especially in the light of a probable increase of disturbances and their interaction in the context of climate change.

The workshop combined both presentations and field trips where participants were exposed to a set of case study examples. They included the interaction between forest fires and cultivation of landscapes, the challenges caused by change or decline of forest and land management and the missing perception of people living in the landscape.

It was pointed out by the participants that closer cooperation, communication and the exchange of experiences of different actors with emphasis on fire risk mitigation is needed and that a European Forest Risk Facility could be a neutral tool and platform to serve such needs, add value and that at the right time. A facility could act as a catalyst to help to create trust within and between different disturbance communities as well as with other sectors and the public. It could allow for more continuation than that of timely limited projects. At the same time a facility was seen as organised along simple structures rather than targeting a new institution. The potential set-up of a facility is also part of the project activities and will collect the views of the different disturbance communities.

A further asset of the workshop was the participation and exchange of the fire community with experts from other sectors including landscape architects, developers of information and decision support systems, communication experts and economists. They brought new perspectives to the discussion and elaborated on how they see their fields of expertise adding value to a facility and vice versa.

The event was an inspiring kick-off for a set of further workshops to be held during this summer on the disturbances pest and diseases, storms, drought and wildlife. All information collected during the workshops will feed into the development of a business plan outline.

You can find the presentations made during the forest fire workshop here.