Sep 24, 2016

EFI conducted a one-day training seminar entitled “Basic Vegetation Fire Management” for the Fire Service of Appenweier.

Sep 8, 2016

Wildfire Week in Barcelona, Spain, between the 31st January and the 3th February 2017

Apr 4, 2016

German news article

Mar 4, 2016

organised by INRA, Arcachon, France, 27-30 October 2015

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Exchange of Experts between Norway and Catalonia a success

Oct 30, 2015

The FRISK-GO project facilitated a bilateral Exchange of Experts (EoE) between Norway and Catalonia with regards to vegetation fire management.

The currently received field report from the Norwegian exchange group having visited Catalonian fire experts revealed the immense value and benefit that such exchanges provide for relatively small investment. The impact and new ideas and the established relationships and professional contacts between organisations and individual experts (also for future incidents that may benefit from professional assistance) cannot be over-stated. The added value is clearly formulated in the field report.

The implemented EoE was possible based on the close cooperation that the FRISK-GO project has established with the EU EoE program as the topic of vegetation fire has a relevant link to Civil Protection. The feedback from the EU EoE programme was very positive, stating that what has been implemented and achieved during the EoE Norway-Catalonia is fully in line with EU EoE targets. Any further exchanges in the future for forest risk management were proposed under the umbrella of a “EoE Forest” by FRISK-GO in its ‘Strategy and Business Plan’ document.

“We all benefited significantly for each other’s experiences” said the EoE participants from Norway and Catalonia. “The report conclusions and the initiation of practical implementation of new knowledge resulting from the exchange are a very encouraging example that EoEs are a crucial service a future FRISK will need to ensure”, say Alexander Held and Andreas Schuck. “We are extremely pleased that the goals and aims of the EU EoE programme were so well reflected in the exchanges in the course of FRISK-GO”, they continue. Many thanks go to all the participants and to the efforts of the host organisations within the FRISK-GO network. Their great work and dedication ensured successful and memorable exchanges and highlighted the role of EoEs in promoting intelligent handling of natural disturbance related risks.


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